Welcome to my online experiment!

International Journalism Festival: MediaCamp a...

International Journalism Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to my website on online journalism. This is the product of the first module from the course I’m currently following: the RNTC Online Journalism course. I have been a journalist for most of my working life. Moving to another country with another language, I have allowed myself to be open to other career opportunities. But we do go back doing what we really love. And I would like to believe that we thrive doing it. I realized, after living for four years in The Netherlands, that not being able to perfect the language should not become a barrier. Journalism, after all, is a universal vocation. And I would like to pursue it further. One of the first steps that I am taking in following my passion is to advance my skills in following a course in Online Journalism. I am following this course because it is my job not only to deliver correct stories but to hone my skills. And if I want to do this for the rest of my life, I owe it to journalism to flourish. I will go where journalism goes… and currently, that is online. So, yes, you may call me a journojunkie. #


So, what do you think?

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