Final assignment

Assignment 17: Prepare a script for a video item about a leading entrepreneur in your country. It should be a profile-type video.
Assignment 18: Prepare a storyboard that lays out the shooting of this video. Build on the work you did in assignment 17.
Assignment 19: Shoot the profile of the entrepreneur. Build on the assignments 17 and 18.
Assignment 20: Edit and publish your finished item on your weblog, using YouTube or a similar service.

This video is the collective product of this assignment. Get to know Mhylin Gerritsen and her “Philippine Rolling Store”.

*Since I did not have time to insert the English translation of interviews, here they are:

SOT1: “Since my husband already has a cleaning business, we tagged this one along in the KVK registration. I also know a lot of Filipinas who are looking for Filipino products.”

SOT2: “When we started, we did not profit much. But the enjoyment was in the fact that I meet Filipinas since I am in a foreign land. And remain in contact with them. And of course, eat Filipino foods.”